Associated Names: ワルツ
Author: Isaka Kotaro
Artist: Osuga Megumi
Genre: Action, Drama, Mystery, Psychological, Shounen
Type: Manga
Status in Country of Origin:6 Volumes (Complete)
Summary: A nameless high school dropout teenager turns into an assassin for hire. He is a complete loner who uses his knife to kill his targets without any emotion or hesitation. He kills anyone who gets in his way whether they be a complete stranger or even the client that hired him in the first place. He meets a man named Iwanishi after one of his jobs goes bad. Iwanishi nicknames him Semi (Cicada) because he apparently talks too much and offers to become his manager, handling the business side of assassination. But it seems like Iwanishi has some secret agenda Semi isn’t aware of.

* Joint with Aizen-sensei

Vol 1.                                  vol 2.        

Chp 01 [N/a]              Chp 05 [MF]
Chp 02 [N/a]              Chp 06 [MF]
Chp 03 [N/a]              Chp 07 [MF]
Chp 04 [MF]              Chp 08 [MF]
                                Chp 09 [MF]

Vol 3.   

Chp 10 [MF]


  1. Many thanks for the release and all the hard work that went into it! ^^

  2. Thank you sooo much for the recent scanlations. i was worried it'd be stuck at chapter 3 forever but then I found out you did 4-10! i can't wait for the final 3 volumes to finish scanlating. this is the best!

  3. pls post more of this series :(