Here's where all the information you need to join our team. 
We welcome beginners, so don't hesitate if you don't have any experience. 

To join us, you only need to fill in the application form below and send it to our email: 


Application Form

Name: <The name you want to be put in the credit> 
Position Applied: <See below for open positions> 
Experience: <Of the position you're applying>
Time Zone: GMT+
Program: <Only for editors> 

~We don't have any applying test at the moment. However, for translators, we do expect you to have a good grasp, if not fluent, of the language.
For editors, it would be neat to include an example of your past works~


Currently, we are only looking for Japanese to English translators.
Translators job is to translate the raw's language to English. You are required to have a good grasp of both the language and English. However, it's alright if English isn't your strong point since the proofreaders will take care of it. 

Editors [Close]

Editors' job includes cleaning, redrawing, and typesetting. You can also choose to apply for only one of the above jobs. See below for more information: 


The basic of this job is to deal with the raw and make it ready for the typesetters. This required experience with Photoshop and a basic knowledge on cropping, re-sized  level the pages, clean speech bubbles, background texts  and ,occasion, sfxs. 


This job is dealing with texts in the backgrounds and the white area in splits. You're required to be skilled in cloning, and pen tool - some drawing skills would come in handy. 


Typesetters' job is to transfer the translated texts onto the cleaned raws. You will need the basic knowledge of applying text, align the text, and modify them. 

The front we mainly use here are Wild Words, One Stroke Script, Showcard Gothic, and Franklin Gothic. We will provide the fonts if you don't have them. You can use your own font for sfxs.


The job of the proofreaders is to read and revise the translation thoroughly, looking out for grammar errors, spellings, and sentence structure. You're required to have strong English skills.

Raw Providers

This job is to provide raws for the group. You can do this by either scan the manga, if your have the actual manga, or hunt the raws on the Internet. Original Japanese raws are preferable. However, Chinese raws are acceptable, and might be required for translation. 

Chibi are drawn by M.Ryuu


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