Associated Names: Gordian Knot
Author: Sakato Riku
Artist: Nose Naoki
Genre: Adventure, Psychological, Shounen, Slice of Life
Type: Manga
Status in Country of Origin: 4 Volumes (Complete)
Summary: Stanley Corporation retrieves items at the request of its clients but sometimes the owners give difficult challenges just to talk to Stanley Corp. They enlist the help of Manjou/Banjo Yuki, a senior in high school with 99% accuracy on a popular internet puzzle site, to help them tackle these challenges. To sever the Gordian Knot is to solve the challenge in an unheard-of way. Join Manjou/Banjo Yuki in his exciting journey of high-risk challenges and games.

Vol 1.                                     Vol 2.                                     Vol 3.

Chp 01 [N/a]            Chp 04 [MF]            Chp 08 [MF]
Chp 02 [N/a]            Chp 05 [MF]            Chp 09 [MF]
Chp 03 [MF]            Chp 06 [MF]            Chp 10 [MF]
                              Chp 07 [MF]

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